Old School BMX Reunion. Woodward West 2013

The Old School BMX Reunion is one full of catching up and riding at the same time. The list of riding parents with their kids is getting bigger and bigger.
The Peraza family showed up with a shredding dad and 4 kids who all ride BMX. A family trip can’t get any better than that.
A few of the BMX legends that showed up were Mat Hoffman, Rich Sigur, Martin Aparyo, Eddie Fiola, Ron Wilkerson, Rick Allison, Dave Nourie,
Todd Anderson, Brian Blyther, Dennis McCoy, Donovan Ritter, Marc McGlynn, Dave Voelker, and many mewww1_200 www3sigur_200 www6rickallison_200

Lots of riding went on all weekend. Even a Mega Ramp session took place with riders like Kevin Robinson and Austin Coleman doing their thing.
We spent most of our time in the dirt section and had fun just cruising down that hill again and again. The Wildman, Trialboss, Kevin Peraza, CJ,
Keith Mulligan and Clay Brown were some of the riders jumping all day and it felt good to ride some dirt again after spending the last 5 months riding indoors.

On Saturday night a party was on the program and a lot of stories were brought back up again while pounding some brewskis.
In the meantime a flatland show took place which involved a.o. Yellow, Dan Hubbard, Nourie, Fiola, Aparyo and Rick Allison.
Parties like this don’t happen often enough. Big thanks to Steve Swope and his crew for making this happen every year.

On Sunday morning we hopped back on the Vans RV for a chill ride back to LA after a quick breakfast stop in Tehachapi.
Lovers of the Old School should make this an annual trip. There’s no easier way to meet the riders and get some riding in yourself. It’s all about the B.M.X.


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